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Fashionista's, post your firsts!

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Khelioshram, my just made level 22 Assassin tricked out on the "Dispassionate" leather armor.. a touch of purple dye on the gauntlets and shoulders, and the purple petals for the Chest, Legs, and foot ware.   If I'm going t5o go out there and die for asmodea, I'm darn well going to leave a good corpse!



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About 30 hours of grinding mobs on 2 different toons in Brusthonin in that little corner where the Elyos NPC's are.  There's also Plate (nice) Chain (kinda fugly) and cloth (it's ok)  But the Leather set is utter awesome looking   🙂



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There's even some headgear to go with it, but it won't be available until we get access to Gelkmaros.  "The Admisinistrators Hat."

Players with Ely toons can get the hat skin from the Devine Accessories vendor in their capital.    Be nice if there were a place to get it not Asmo side but, nope, Aion don't roll that way!  Maybe it'll end up in the cash shop.




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