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Moving characters from different game versions to another version.


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I asked about this and was told its "generally not allowed" and then was told to make a suggestion. While I do not know how popular this opinion will be I still desire to be able to do it. I wished and asked the question to be able to move my "Aion Live" accounts to my "Aion Classic" accounts, with of course cutting out the bits that don't match up. I honestly barely play my live anymore and I used to love aion before all the updates, that's why when classic came out I was stoked, so much so that I almost played on launch. But knowing sometimes games on start are really glitchy I waited a bit before starting just to see how buggy they would be. That being said I am in love with classic, which just makes me play live less and less but I remember how my characters where and so much desire to see them in their former glory.

Side suggestion: A companion app that has gathering maps, quest information & locations, NPC character inflammations, server information & exchange, as well as armor and weapons information. I don't know how many would actually use it, but I would, heck I'd pay a good $5+ to use an app that helps me maximize my play lol. Starting suggestion would be server information, currency and exchange.

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