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Invasion Update 4.7 memorial


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Hi Aion family :)

In 5th November 2014 3 years ago the Aion NA was updated to 4.7 version.

This update introduces many things but we all forgetten and don't use it already.

-Delegate Set from Levinshor.
-Pure IS/IO/DR set that require us to go pvp instance to gear up pve gears :P
-Linkgate which we farming events for years but this is no longer the case.
-Eternal Ancient Manastones which is now can't get them anymore.
-Officer abyss gears lv65 people love to getting sw and gunner version of abyss gears cause it looks nice but we never get the headgears.
-Magic Resist capped at 50% which ends era of MR cleric :P
-The introduction of GP which not change until 5.6 in NA(sorry 5.3 NA GP is not dropped people off ranking if they don't earn 1450 gp or I remember it wrong ? :P but I'm sure it wasn't at launch of 5.3)
-Returning Player Abbey which removed by 5.6 and not yet replace by anything in NA.

Well most of features of 4.7 updates nobody use them anymore.

Thank you for reading :)


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Wasnt it on February, or was that the second part of 4.7?

But, anyway, just a few notes.

- Only IS set purification required you to go to a PvP instance, the other sets asked you to run the Infernal versions.

- Wasnt GP introduced in 4.5?

- The main mechanic, Beritra's Grand Invasion, is still being completed on a daily basis nowadays.

- Panesterra is still kept as a main feature, as it keeps being updated with each patch.

- Kaldor, due to EB and its fortress, is fairly endgame as well, and is still one of my favourite regions in the game as of today.

- I know this was part of the second part of 4.7, but the manastone changes! That was a huge change over for me. I hated how it removed all your socketed manastones if you failed one. Made me not scared to socket stuff anymore. 

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