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Kinah Exploit


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So, I contacted support 1 MONTH AGO about this exploit, that they should take care of it before people could do it, I even contacted Kibbelz in Discord and he said they would taken care of it ASAP, so guess what? They didn’t, and probably that is not even the real Kibbelz because for having such a huge exploit ingame for over a month and not fixing it it’s incredible.

The exploit we talking about is Steel Rake Quest Entry, with this one you can enter OVER AND OVER again inside the instance, theres 2 chests right outside the quest that gives from 5000-100,000 Kinah per kill, if you use third party programs you can easily reach those chests. Now imaging 1 account doing it over and over non stop 24/7, a single day of doing this can get you up to 300-500M per account, and as you can see in the videos theres A LOT of accounts doing it right now!

The game is way too new to inject this amount of kinah, and shame on ncsoft for not fixing this ASAP. You can see the next links on korea site where they found about the exploit and how they took care of it, KOREA already has a fix, so why the hell we couldn’t got it?



I attach some videos of some people exploiting the instance already, you can grab the names and sent a support ticket so they get investigated and IP banned and all:


I already sent a ticket, but if people voice and rant over it. They might do a super fast hot fix and actually ban the guys, cause as you can see I contacted them and they did nothing for over 1 month!



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33 minutes ago, Pancheto said:

The candies here go back to Ncsoft's revenue. Meanwhile this exploit affects all the users in the game and NCsoft.

Yes but they are not using that revenue to ban hackers/bots which is against ToS. Why should players care if they do not uphold their own ToS?

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