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Weekly Server Maintenance - July 21, 2021

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A little digging around reveals Korea has the same pass (just different seasonal quests) for season 2. So this tells me multiple things: - NCWest doesn't care enough to actually update rewards to

Your statement here: "More similar to the first one". Unless it's badly worded, to me it means: - Some items will be similar (i.e. scrolls and pots) - Some items will be different (i.e.

Wow... what a disaster! Deava pass is glitched plus the EXACT same as season 1 and still costs $30 PER CHARACTER.... Seriously NCwest... do you guys even try?

3 hours ago, 2s11265D said:

Whats about the chat filter? Has it been fixed? I still see these scu***ags of kinahseller ....

The chat filter is working fine for me, I suggest you read one of the forum threads on how to use it.

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