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NCSoft Never Listened to Your Feedback and Never Will


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That’s just who they are. It’s all “we hear you,” but nothing ever gets done.

They heard us about the candies on release. Did they do anything? Nope, just basically told us thats how it is.

They heard us about bots, and are “supposedly” working to ban them. Has that made any difference? Nope. Bots are still everywhere and in groups/legions.

We brought up how the Daeva pass is too expensive and unnecessary since launch. Did they do anything there. Nope, except bug it for a maintenance fix.

You guys can keep trying, but face it, they’ll never address anything you want to be fixed. They will just throw you an event or XP Boost weekend to make you shut up and move on. Turn a blind eye because you love the game.

Just an excuse for a cash grab on your nostalgia.

But hey, I guess that’s what you should expect from a company thats greedy and has a history of making empty promises.

And Kibblez, if you lock or delete this post, you will have just proven my point. Tysm.

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I don't recall Kibbelz ever closing threads unless it was a full-on brawl between people here.

Yes, we're all suckers for Aion. There's just no good Western publisher for mmorpgs, so it's just picking the lesser evil. One could stick to private servers but they aren't reliable for long term playability.

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