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Billing/Refund issues


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I'm not sure this will get any attentions but since I summited ticket haven't heard back, called all of the NCsoft's locations but the numbers seem like got put up there just for show can't never get hold of any representatives on all locations I called.

1) Yesterday before the emergency maintenance.  The premium deva pass offered good reward items so I decided to purchased $250 (12,000 quna) to unlock lvl 45 premium deva pass and to  get those reward items deava pass has to offer.  So I unlocked premium lvl 45 deva pass (about $120) and somehow game was bugged I could not claim those items. So the devs did an emergency maintenance then the deva pass reward items were changed!  Which to me all new reward items are junks, and not worth my $120 for scrolls and potions!  Of course I have not claimed those junks reward items. So I summited ticket that I want a refund my $250 yet haven't heard back or anything.


2) When I summited ticket to buy something the devs get back to me literally instantly, but when I summited ticket for refund they're nowhere to be found?

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