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Aion Memes!


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Yes, we need a thread for this.

Feel free to post all yer meemz, old or new, stolen or OC - but pls:

  • make sure they're not too h8teful (as long as it's funny it's kay i guess)
  • if it features art give that artist some recognition, cookies and backpats!
  • aion related is 10/10 but just game related ones applicable to aion are kewl too 


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11 hours ago, Nyinu-KR said:


This is my every day life in Aion.  It mem leaks and then crashes, between 30 minutes (lots and lots of people and no shift+f12ing), and perhaps 6 hours (off soloing alone).  Then I have to force-murder the aion.bin process and restart.

I estimate I get about 2 hours on average.

And I have to restart my computer every 2-3 days from the +10% extra memory usage that gets tied up.

Sure, I could buy extra RAM, or I could buy a new computer.  But not worth it for a single game.

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