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Compensation bundle has ely only candy


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24 minutes ago, Haywire said:

Hi, so the compensation bundle has elyos only candy, and not any counterpart for asmodians. As if israphel-asmo wasnt struggling enough xD

I'd just like some attention brought to this so it can be fixed, thanks :)


Thank you for the report, I've gone ahead and shared this with the team.

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13 minutes ago, StealthyBoy-KT said:

@Kibbelz @Loki Can we make the LODAS amulets account shareable because I have both the rewards from the pass I purchased on my Cleric and Assassin consolidated on my Level 50 assassin. So I have 6 lodas amulets sitting on a maxed out toon that can't be used for anything...

same problem here too


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1 minute ago, NimOG said:


I'd like to know why I didn't even get a compensation bundle. Why not everyone?

Did you buy premium pass before it changed, if so I have the same problem, never received compensation.

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