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How's The Game 2017-2018?


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If you have the time available, there's no harm in spending a couple of hours in game to see if it's worth your while. Server merges brought all the remaining players together so that it seems the game is thriving, but there's no denying that overall population is only a shadow of its former glory.

Staff are pushing exp events so leveling isn't too much of an issue. The upcoming rotating Kumuki event provides an easy source of AP and medals, so gearing shouldn't be too bad either.

Someone else said it before (unfortunately, I cannot remember whom) so credit to them, but recall the reasons why you left the game and think long and hard about it. If it was merely due to time constraints, come back. If it was for other reasons, specifically flaws within the game itself, recognize that the game hasn't really changed as many people would have you believe.

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Good to know and thanks for the feedback! I just stopped playing because I was busy with work life. Recently... I am finding myself with much spare time after a job switch and would like to get back into playing an MMO. The toss up was FFXIV or Aion. I kinda wanted to play Aion for the PvP alone but wasnt sure how much has changed in two years.

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On 3/11/2017 at 3:11 PM, Furyian-DN said:

I could use some help on deciding if I should return to playing Aion. I haven't played in two years and wasn't sure how much has changed or if the game is even worth playing anymore. Any feedback would be great, thanks guys!

If you have money to spare then sure, why not. Free time will not get you anyware in this game anymore. Two years ago you could be endgame geared at pretty much the same rate as anyone, now there's so many gear requirements that hardcore nolife playing is not even enough to reach this, for free. You've got Golden Plumes (first get to +10 the regular ones), then the Bracelet that is like a plume and gives you pvp stats, average accesories enchant to be considered geared is +7, there's new manastones that are not so expensive atm because of recent events, but they usually are, AND you need Major Felis to socket them safely, which in our server are 300m each. So, about 30 manastones +10 (300/400m each) plus 30 major felis, you make the math. Now you can enchant your wings too, and they also introduced PVE ATTACK/DEF stat to endgame pve gear/accesories, so now you absolutely NEED to get these and also socket them/enchant them properly (with the new, expensive stones). Enchanting now provides mboost/attack, so yeah, you even need to enchant your pve gear.

Any gear piece ingame currently can be bought from other players, even pvp gear or special drops like Ahserion, that means farming no longer means you'll be geared, at least not at the same rate any player who can buy the gear and everything to socket it. P2W players are now instageared. Take your lube to any pvp instance and be ready to be a carry in any pve endgame one, that is if you can get an invite.

If you like mmos because of the feeling of accomplishment it gives you getting your gear (or level) for yourself by actually playing, then Aion might no longer be the game for you. Now, if you are willing to spend (a lot) money then welcome back.

Oh, also kinah buying and pvp/pve hacking (for XP, omegas) is out of control. Proved hackers only take a slap on the wrist, one week time out, not XP/items/GP/AP loss.

If you're not addicted to the game, I would recommend you not touching it.

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Its better find a new game instead of returning in aion.

The more you play, the more you will hate this game.

Bugs - Cheaters - Bad player support - Questionable decision's from aion support/"managers" . That's what you will find here.

Bugs well known since months, still out there, same goes for cheaters. And aion support didnt improve at all. NC soft is not  investing a lot of resources and attention in this game

The game still keep going somehow. but personaly i wouldn't  invest time and effort in it if im a new player or a returning player like you. 


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