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Aion launcher keeps crashing after Update.

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Aion launcher freezes and crashes after last update. Before - never had a single issue. Last time i tried to log in,  launcher restarted my pc.

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  • 2s46E4 changed the title to Aion launcher keeps crashing after Update.
5 hours ago, Masterobiwon said:

Your name makes me think you're playing on retail, but you're currently posting in the Classic forum.

Try checking your files (button next to the play button). This usually fixed the problem.

His name is numbers because he has an old account and never bothered to change his forum name. Additionally now you can choose the forum name to be different from the ingame character names you have, previously you could only select a character's name to represent you in the forums.

Not to mention his is talking about the launcher which is common both for retail and classic.

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