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Ban Harrypotter om Israphel server. DO SOMETHING NC!


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Cheater and hacker. 6v1 he killed us all even though we were a group of 50's.  Instantly restoring flight time and damn near impossible to kill. Teleports to locations of people that are high rank. Instantly knows where everyone is at most times.  Please do something NC.

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Isn't it normal for Koreans to 1v6 people? 😂

In all seriousness, NCSoft won't do anything about anyone using bots/hacks if you don't send them a web report with video proof of said actions taken by the player.  I once experienced a templar on your faction who somehow gained the ability to teleport behind his target whenever he was rooted or out of range of said target.  I know I would need to have video proof of it to prove it to the devs though.

So until people start doing that, we are going to have to deal with people who might be using hacks.

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