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Quick Feedback over retail


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Hi @Kibbelz


I am sure you get a lot of flame lately from both servers and as way may realise the mismanagement from your team is not acceptable from the player base from either version of AION.


I won’t overextend on Classic because I am sure other people that are more interested in it will keep on giving feedback.


In regard to Retail.


The population fall has started long ago and it was not due to Classic. Classic just gave an alternative to some people to leave retail but also is mostly based on old players that like that play style (slow and grindy).


I will not say anything about P2W because there is a very good chance to do pretty much everything in game in either server without the P2W part, but of course pumping money will get you things easier and that how the games work and the business keeps running otherwise the game becomes a utility and not an entertainment service.

Having said the above and by taking that attitude as a baseline I would like to list what I (to the forum people personal opinion, I have explicitly stated that by using I ok?) think destroyed whatever was left form the game 1 year ago.

1.       The game has no support, you may as well replace most of the support guys with bots it works fine with most of other services for the basic questions. After all they barely provide any input and the only way to get something out of a ticket is to keep responding till you actually mange to get to one of the few capable ones.

2.       Token policy is applied under no standard rules and is changed ad hoc.  A very good example the SW egg. Actually, on this, who the heck thought taking tokens out for mistakes such as destroy an armour etc?  What is the rationale behind it? Resources?

3.       Events are mostly garbage. Events are the one thing that keep people interested and we have accepted the fact there will be a p2w element in them BUT don’t force people to pay to participate if you want to make money out of players with every event (e.g. transformation event) you may as well change this game to sub based (don’t do that though cause your sub based version is kinda p2w2p so we have no trust to you that you can manage this correctly. Event rewards should be relevant to the time the events are released, Green transformation shards????? You could have just removed it form the drop list instead of making a joke of yourselves

4.       Marketing and communication is almost non existent. If only you spent half the time and resources to do some of it with retail and only classic

5.       You have lost any trust the player base had. Again, not going to over extend but we were expecting compensation over the transformation fiasco or the statistics over the banned people?

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