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Ticket for Siel Aura Purchase with Error Code: 99150 is not moving on weekends.

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Everytime I made a purchase, this error code: 99150 keeps popping and needs to be unlocked by GM everytime.

(This is the only game that has very meticulous procedure in terms of payment)


4/7 of my tickets were all due to failure in payments.


Now, that my siel's aura expired at Friday night GMs are not that active to attend to your concern.

It's sunday now and you can't do any sh*t.


I am frustrated with the current "security" what-not check and keeps blocking my account.

(Note that all my transaction were successful and i did not cancel any purchase)



One of my in-game friends try to help by logging-in my account and it seems that my account was totally blocked to do any purchases.

Now, stalls my progress for 2-days at weekends (-75k AP / day during weekends)



I understand why GMs can't answer during Weekends to fix the issue, but for f*ck sake, fix my account to make my transaction w/o any problem.

Why my account is so special that every time I need purchase, I also need to file a ticket.

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