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Buff whole party 1 single macro


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I was playing with macros with my Chanter and I wanted to be able to buff the whole party with only 1 button so I made this which  will enable to cycle the whole party with just 1 macro

You have to set your variables to:

/Variable 0 /Select [Self]
/Variable 1 /Select [Group1]
/Variable 2 /Select [Group2]
/Variable 3 /Select [Group3]
/Variable 4 /Select [Group4]
/Variable 5 /Select [Group5]
/Variable 6 /Select [Self]


and for example the 2 buffs I have atm

/Variable 8 /Skill Blessing of Health I
/Variable 9 /Skill Blessing of Rock I


Then the macro will be

/Delay 0.5
/Delay 1
/Variable 0 [Variable1]
/Variable 1 [Variable2]
/Variable 2 [Variable3]
/Variable 3 [Variable4]
/Variable 4 [Variable5]
/Variable 5 [Variable6]
/Variable 6 [Variable0]

After you made this, the macro will cycle through the different members of the party and restarting at yourself

Something like this

(I was not in a party that's why  it kept the target on  m e but you can see how the members cycle on the variables)

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