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Hello all

I have recently had my main aion account locked, I cannot think as to why this has happened, I have never hacked/botted nor have I ever been disrespectful to other players or the game in general, I have submitted a ticket to try & see why I have been locked & to see when/If I can have it unlocked, straight away I have been asked to prove I am the owner of my 3+ year old account & to provide transaction history for past purchases,  I am really upset about this, can I please get some (If any) advice on what I should/could do about this, I get no information from NC regarding this issue & I am left blank as to why this is happening :( If spending some money in there store & being nice/polite to others is against the terms & conditions, then I am guilty as charged.


TY for your input 

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Oh I have found out why this has happened, & it's a mess, My in game behaviour was not the blame, PayPal is, I recently checked PayPal transaction records & noticed something odd, first off, a few weeks ago I submitted unauthorised transactions coming out of my PayPal account, many little payments that I was not making, I had PayPal reverse all the unauthorised transactions, BUT.........PayPal also took it upon them self's to reverse a recent NCsoft transaction I made 2 weeks ago, now NCsoft think I have someone making unauthorised purchases with my account & because they get charged for the refund, they locked my account, I guess losing a paying player is better then to lose what? Maybe few bucks that I would gladly repay if given the chance, but no they rather lose potentially thousands more from locking a investing player.

 I am so upset the way NCsoft will not listen to me or understand what has happened, PayPal made this mistake & I am paying for it with 3 years of grinding gone down the drain, PayPal will fix this.

Yes yes Blah blah I'm in the wrong blah blah (Which I'm not) I herd it all before so trolls have your way, I know what has happened & NCsoft is as useful as a laxative after eating Indian food.  


TY for you're input Aly-DN 

Edited, I typo something ^^

Edited by HotSexIsNoSin-DN
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So there was a charge back on your account? That is usually an instant perma-ban. Did you provide the information that they asked for? And are they refusing to unlock your account because of the charge back or have they unlocked it not that they know you are you? Is there a way that Paypal can reverse the charge back and give NCSoft their money and explain that they made this charge back without your consent? This seems like a Paypal mistake and not yours or NCSoft's.

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