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Before I get banned, Is multi-fort handins bannable?


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1 hour ago, Bothered said:

@Kibbelz we need to know where we stand when a 2009 implementation can now get us banned.

Well, They've now set a precedence with this response "knowingly re-entering a quest instance repeatedly (often dozens of times) to obtain much higher amounts of rewards than intended is neither sustainable, nor acceptable."

Essentially entering an instance multiple times to turn in quests is a BANNABLE offense.

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35 minutes ago, Jian said:

So people doing Triroan campaign quest suiciding and coming back to instance to finish it is bannable? LOL

please @KibbelzI need to know if I'm going to get banned sometime in the future for playing the game how it has been intended to paly for over 11 BLOODY YEARS!

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