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Dear NCSOFT - Let the predictions continue..


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Print Screen exploit prediction on ACN (14 June)- Yes LOL my friend...



The next thing will be the buggy server code that can be crashed on command from the game client.

I remember the guy who knew about this ,trying desperately to tell NCSOFT about it, but they wouldn't listen.

So he posted the servers and the time he would crash them. Even then, it still took NCSOON a while to reach out to this guy.

They of course BANNED him; because you know, punish the people who try to report stuff, then have to prove it to you. Forgetting the whole time, that a malicious 3rd party could have just done this and you would never have know why.

There is years of knowledge here with strong memories of what broke the game over the years.

I recall when Aion decided to introduce Anti Cheat and then it was removed. Truly one of the most interesting decisions I've EVER seen.

I recall when Aion broke AP with reset scrolls, and the hideous Shugo AP instance with the only barrier your credit limit. This will happen again..

Hopefully we don't see Asmo welfare ever return; you know, when you break the game by giving the other faction Full Fen gear.  yeah..great move that one.

In all the years I played, I saw a GM in the game 3 times. Seems like we have none now.

Players are having to supply filter files to be effective against RMT spam. This is your responsibility, but you let it go again.

You have inadequate botting reporting and observable actions.

IP bans will work; contact the proxy companies, tell them to only send PORT 7777 (game data) and have all other data sent direct.

Start caring about your players please.

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