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How to fix Aion botting problem 101


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These steps followed, will help restore the balance, in our war on BOTS and hackers.

1) //promote Shenkt 3
2) //set level 50
3) //set title 99
3.1) //invul
4) //WorldChannelMessage It Begins.
5) //StartEvent PM me BOT locations
6) //Goto 210010000 526 1461 106   (clean up starts here)
6.1) //kill
6.2) //sprison
7)  //Ban
8)  //BanIP 

Maybe throw in a few of these.
//moveto 510010000 229 257 50
//moveto 520010000 229 257 50

Just a random guess but it can be any worse than what is happening now right?

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Botting issue is very easy to fix. NCSoft just doesn't seem to care. Manual review of reports would be the most efficient way and you would rid the server of bots within a few days because they are so damn obvious...


Gathering proof would literally take 1 minute per bot. There's like what, 100 high level bots? Would take 2 hours. Wow so much work.

Time to get to work NC Soft. What are you guys even doing..

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