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My Skill Ideas


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so i like to create skills and stuff so heres this thread that showcases some of my ideas along with a couple skills.

Druid - Priest - Support/Summon 

  • Water Fountain : Summon a dome of water that slows enemies and increases allies attack speed
  • Serpent Circle : Summon a circle with a circumference of snakes that deals damage to enemies inside but heals allies for 5% of damage done when AoE dissapears
  • Sprout : Summon flower at enemies location that binds enemy in place and drains their health, when finished, you are healed for 10% of damage done
  • Spore Smite : Summon clouds of poison at your location that poison surrounding enemies, then after 5 second clouds home in on target doing damage
  • Living Oak : bind nearby enemies and increase allies defense and healing received by whatever amount
  • Growth Season :Summon 2 giant flowers that twist around each other, then they untwist and spin around in a large circle fast and deals aoe damage before going back underground

Designer - Muse - Support/Heal - Weapon: Giant Paintbrush - Melee Based Magical skills (some ranged skills) 

  • Surrealist Work : Confuse nearby enemies
  • Toad image : Summon group of toads that jump at enemy and poisons them
  • Fantastic Elastic (Buff) : all debuff times are reduced by x seconds
  • Intense Coat : All attacks leave a puddle of paint in 1 of 5 different colors that provide different effects.
  • B-Movie : Draw an image of yourself that lasts for 5 seconds that draws all your aggro
  • Ben-Day Dots : Create a Pop Art drawing on the ground that confuses enemies and heals allies

Cleric Skills

  • Twilight Zone : Deals damage and slows over 10 seconds ( AOE) 
  • Amazing Grace : Increase movespeed and attack speed


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