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Weekly Server Maintenance - August 11, 2021

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37 minutes ago, Lapis-DN said:

Hey @Kibbelz there are no free to play ways to get the ancient Cat Transformations?

Wow, I think we are the only region in the world that are getting this "event" so heavily nerfed. And the prices aren't that cheap too.
feels bad

Well they are bundling a legendary contract in, to sweeten the deal with the Ultimate promotion, but its still a massive cash grab at 2x100$, and you can only get 1 of them, so for the other you would have to go to the slot machine that is buying 100s of the 64 type ones and hoping for the best while it lasts, so FOMO RNG again, which was what, the No.1 issue we had when they made the survey, glad that has been addressed.

What i would like to know is if they will be unlocked for obtaining through combination, i've gotten a pixel one through combination, but i never did the mouse and keyboard or any of the halloween ones, nor have i seen an announcement of someone getting it not from a contract but thru combining.

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@Kibbelz Is there any chance 2 limits/ account can be removed?  Because if no rng, we never can get our collection for 2 cats nurse and doctor.....doesnt matter how much you spend, might cost 1k, still 1 contract. 

I think if you could update to remove 2limit/ account,  it is really good event,  we get what we need if we willing to pay.  

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