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missing level 35 growth "quest"?

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Hi, so I have been able to obtain the special HP and MP potions, 50% exp amulet, and black cloud wings for two of my alt Asmodians after level 35, which I believe is when the black cloud wings are awarded. However on my MC Asmodian who is level 38, that "quest" is gone completely from the quest giver and I have not been able to obtain that reward like I have with my other two Asmodians. Did I miss it because I am just a few levels over 35?? I hope not. Has anyone else had this problem? Or are the growth quests over? I haven't tested it with any of my other characters (besides my level 39 Elyos on the other server) because currently they are all under level 35 and I have not gotten the chance to reach them to that level yet. I've joined and become a regular player of this game for about a month now so when it comes to quest and game rules, I'm still learning.

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The wings are awarded by growth quest on level 30: Ely version, Asmo version.

The growth quests are only available for five level range - so quest, that starts for level 30 is only available until level 35. From 36 and above, you can't access it.

There will be another growth quest with wings on level 50. (available until 55)

You can check the growth quest lists with their NPCs - Nebrith for Ely, Edandos for Asmo. (scroll down and click on Gives Quests tab)

Also, NCSoft removed these ladies from Fast-Track, because they hate new players, so you have to go to Standard for these quests.

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I figured out the Standard-FastTrack logic when I was running around desperately trying to find that growth quest lol. Thank you so much for your insight, this makes much more sense. I figured that it had a level limit.

+ when i discovered that edandos gave out free wings, she instantly became waifu

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