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Forum separation


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It would be wise to separate the forums in a way one can enter whichever he wants and see feedback and new posts for that section only.

If you hit "Unread Content" it brings you three types of posts all related to classic

  • SR bans
  • Server imbalance
  • Merging of the server

Here and there we see a post about what went wrong on classic and by now the people writing against candies and p2w have already quit so no more posts about it.

We have a collision of interest, it would serve both classic and retail to have forums that are not in one place or at least would not appear to be one forum and be able to have separate functions

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Because Aion Classic and Retail are two totally irrelevant games to each other, different issues, different shop and all.

Imagine having one forum for all NCWest games and trying to see new posts about the game you play.


21 hours ago, Unbuff-DN said:

I kinda like to see it burn in both places. *sips tea*

I loled

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