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3 or 7 Days Prestige purchasable for retail


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There is a 3 days trial for Classic but that gives Siel's Aura which is mandatory for any actual player and iti s meant like a mini paid trial for those who want to check it, so having a 3 day subscription is kidna wise and mandatory.

In retail it is free to play and we have a 7 day free prestige trial once per account and then we have the Starter pack for 400 BCM which has a 7 day prestige trial that is also once per account.

There are times that during weekends I am far more active, especially when we have the passive XP weekends or other events but I am not going to pay the whole month prestige just for a few days worth of playing. Right now we have 2 weeks worth of +300% XP, which I wouldn't mind paying 2x 7-day pack tog et more XP.

There are times you might want to make a change in an account, like delete a character and make a new one but making more than 8 chars is exclusive to prestige and thus not the best thing to pay 15$ just so you can delete your own char and make a new one. Or even worse people with collision with factions after the merge, they will have to buy prestige again to delete their own chars and make the same faction.

I am not sure how anyone would feel about this but a prestige for 3 days (so weekend people can enjoy it) or even 7 days (for people on a week off from work) wouldn't hurt anyone plus it would cost more per day than the full month.

Something like this:

  • 200 BCM for 3 days (about 67 BCM per day)
  • 400 BCM for 7 days (about 57 BCM per day)
  • 1200 BCM for 30 days (40 BCM per day)
  • 3200 BCM for 90 days (about 36 BCM per day)

I'd defo buy the 3 days for weekends when I feel like burning my time. For now I pay nothing.

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