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Hello all

I recently made a post about my main account being locked

I am posting this as a warning to EVERYONE that purchases anything from BCM

1: Do not use any method of payment other than Ncoin codes/Game cards

No paypal, No credit cards....NOTHING

I say this as a warning & precaution to those that do not want there accounts permanently banned for any issues regarding PayPal/Bank transactions that was not your doing

I learnt that the hard way

Good day  

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I have been playing this game since 2009. I have made many purchases over the years and never had my account banned because of an issue with my card. Never. Not once.

Your case is unique in that you say that PayPal initiated a chargeback with NCSoft. That means that NCSoft not only had to give that money back to PayPal (who gave it back to you) but had to pay fees for a fraudulent purchase. For as long as I have played Aion, demanding a chargeback will automatically get your account banned. Period. From a business stand point, you can understand that. You say that you did not initiate the chargeback and that PayPal  did it on their own. Your beef should not be with Aion or NCSoft but with PayPal for doing something that got your account banned. Unless -you- did initiate the chargeback.. then it's all on you.

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3 hours ago, Aly-DN said:

Unless -you- did initiate the chargeback.. then it's all on you.

More on this point, even if you weren't responsible for the charges, you are entirely responsible for your PayPal account's security. That someone was able to get into your account to make unauthorized charges should be a major concern for you.

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