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In need of opinions regarding account ban justification


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Greetings everyone and im asking beforehands sorry for wall of text (TL;DR included),

Recently i've experienced an issue related with account ban that tbh haven't encountered again neither in my long long aion career (both nc soft and later gameforge) neither in any other online game. So, about a week ago my wife's account was banned out of a sudden without any obvious reason. 38 level character, no any relation with SR, no any 3rd party software at all, not even any serious gameplay untill that point. Mostly mindless farming, crafting, gathering etc. (having a baby in the house has that limitations :) ). The only thing that came in our minds was that it might was related with the fact that she logged into her account from different country. While the account was created and used from a European Country-Greece, during a few days trip to Russia she logged from there and then again from Greece when she returned. Anyhow we submitted a ticket through email to find out whats going on providing all necessary information in the process. Fun fact is that support was answering into account support platform while it was pretty obvious that being banned we couldnt login so the only form of contact was through email. After a week and multiple emails, we received an answer stating the following:

"We appreciate your interest in our games, however, I regret to inform you that our services are not available in the country for which this account was being accessed from. As such, the account has been closed and is ineligible to be reopened for any reason under any circumstances.

If you'd like to learn more on this topic, please feel free to visit the following links:
Aion: https://support.aiononline.com/hc/en-us/articles/217017526-Blocked-Countries"

In the url there is an article, which is updated one month ago, that includes Russia in the blocked Countries indeed and stating that

"You will not be able to login or create an account if you reside in one of the following countries"

While we asked for further clarifications i would like to hear your opinions on the matter and the questions that occured to us:

1. How is Russia banned while there are players playing right now from there? That is confirmed fact.

2. Why an account is banned permanently if logged in from there since supposedly there shouldnt be ability to login in the first place?

3. Im almost certain that Russia wasnt a blocked country during Aion Classic launch but i might be wrong.

4. Is this case worthy of permanent ban without any further discussion after all and by your opinion/experience is there any chance to try to reason with support?


Account was permanently banned due to login from different country than the one that was created and played usually. Said country is mentioned as blocked but players are playing from there and login is not restricted. 




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Well, my main purpose here is to point out another potential misjudged ban from NC Soft and furthermore i would be interested to know from someone with similar experience what was the final outcome of his case. After all, I felt that it was important to share this case because at first, in my eyes at least, it seems completely unreasonable and at second, someone else might find himself in a similar position and be aware of the risks.

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It's funny that people distrust NCSoft so much that the only responses to threads now is "I do not see the point of it". Thanks for your thread. I guess I won't be playing their games when I travel. Just another thing that sucks about this company.

Meanwhile, bots are running 24/7 since launch, the SR exploiters only get a couple days ban, and the discord thinks NCSoft won't ever ban anyone so they created their own wall of shame. This is so comically bad. The worst part is it's exactly what everyone expected.

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Yes, do not log from Russia or your account will be banned. I am from Hellas too and I play from Hellas only, to them it might appeared you are Russian and you used a Hellenic VPN IP or something (if there are any lol) and then you forgot to put the vpn so they "saw" you logged from a non compliant IP..

In any case, logging from banned countries means your account will get locked, sad but true.

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