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My thought about future of PC gaming and Aion


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Hi this thread is nothing to suggest or want NCsoft to do anything it's just my perspective what happening to PC gaming industries.

First I believed the declining of PC gaming is not only cause by rise of mobile phone but also contribution of cryptocurrency aka mining.
The mining did increased price and shortage of graphics card which essential to PC gaming since 2016 which made PC gaming declining from that point.
At this point I don't believed PC gaming industries will recovered to pre mining surge because nobody can stop mining even China can't (they banned mining in China)

Does mining make anyone richer ? More numbers ? sure but richer ? I doubt that mining does nothing more than created artifact money to the system while supple remains the same only thing that mining did is increased the price of everything for everyone. Just look at Aion candy it just doing exactly just that inflated kinah into Aion without additional supply.
Eventually mining surge will affected all electronics industries including mobile phone. Only platform that can survive as gaming is cloud gaming which will lead to cloud platform dominate 30%(just guess numbers I don't know how much exactly) cut profit to cloud service and force developers adding more pay to win to survive.

Can anyone stop mining ? No nobody can ,mining running based on greed and nothing can stop greed but death itself unless mining is jailable crime don't expect anything to be better.

Let's talk about bots hackers and p2wers in Aion.

I think if NCsoft seriously dealing with bots ,hackers they probably losing more money than they making with Aion.
When we talking about bots we ain't talking about cheaters but rather a business that use Aion as their platform. They got a lot of resource and powers to keep bots running even they got banned not mentioning how bad and inexperienced NC employees and employers.(There's a better way to deal with bots but it's waste of time to talk since NC are extremely conservative on how to manage)

I think hackers and p2wers are same people sure not everyone but mostly are. For those people money doesn't matter to them they don't care if they losing money they paid to bully someone in online games and that's enough for them they don't care if games alive or dead as long as they can keep bully people once Aion dead they will move to next p2w game will repeat same thing there're like billions people out there that they can keep bully to entertain themselves until they die. F2P players serve nothing more than human whales fodders.

Future is so dark yes it's ,can someone doing anything about it ? Absolutely not. But maybe if a lot of people realized what happening something might change.

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I feel like i don't even have a sub, when u compare a regular subbed player against someone buying premium pass every season, getting his weap l50 to +15 with that juicy stone boxes while a regular subbed player have to first get lucky getting some dc gear, then getting lucky extracting it for a high lv stone, make me wonder, why should i even pay for sub when i'm falling behind people that is buying daeva premium, many people that can afford premium also quitted the game due to that mercenary marketplace, all i can say about my personal experience is, i'm a subbed player with subless feeling, and i rather not spend 15$ at all then  45$ for a optimal game service.

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