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AP trading and quitting


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I know alot of you will have your comments of good riddance and this game isnt for you and what not. I just wanted to say some things here that I truly feel.

I played for around 5 years when aion released and love the game. The AP trading that others have done to get ahead has caused me to neglect my family and life. Its not directly their fault at all but this game is extremely competitive, built on being victorious or being defeated. The constant grind I have put in to close this gap is like pulling a sled uphill but the hill gets steeper and steeper every day. It's been made impossible by the lack of policing from nc west and lack of @Kibbelz keeping us informed. 

This maintenance message about extended flight time or whatever with no mention of AP trading shows they do not care about it. I know NC West is happy with the money I spent and time I've put in. They accomplished what they set out to do by getting me to spend money and time on pure HOPE!!!

Thank you all for everything and the immense nostalgia that came with playing.

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I’m with you on that. I’m going to stick it out because I’m playing with a group of friends that met in the original Aion back in the day so it’s waves of nostalgia every time I play. 

I did the 90 days Siel’s Aura so we’ll see where things are around renewal time. 

I really, really want this game to work. It’s been such a blast but there are so many red flags that it’s concerning. I don’t think the hairpin bans were ever properly addressed (I wasn’t effected) and stuff like that makes me REALLY uncomfortable because in no way was that an exploit. 

AP trading hasn’t effected me… yet. But, it will. Bots are running everywhere. I just keep my blinders on playing with my friends but soon these issues are going to hit even my little group hard. 

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honestly the only solution to save this game now is to create a new fresh server with new administration set in place. regulate candies, bots, ap trading, everything. make a promise and show the actual countermeasures put in place to prevent bots/hacks/ap trades


only then will people even consider coming back/continuing subbing to the game. of course it won't happen, so we'll just have to try our best to enjoy whatever we can out of this half dead game

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Leveling all over again already does not feel so charming to me. However, even if they did that, two months in they would forget about all that and go back to their normal behaviour and players know/expect that. For me, classic was that one chance they had to change their image about Aion and they blew it.

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Hi Bam,

Don't worry.. I am also burnt-up catching up on those peeps doing illegal things, while we true players wants to play on even grounds and do what is right.

If this week we had no response to the Devs or GMs taking action, it's time to say goodbye to good old Aion.


The game is actually very good (PvP mechanics, Targeting System, Seiges) , but the company loves to nest criminals in-game.


Now, I think the purpose of this game is just to catch the nostalgia of player and milk them heavy within few months and die.

They will consecutively release Aion Classic in different parts of the world (but not simultaneously) every few months to milk more the transferring players.

If this is the business model, they are of the same feathers with the illegal and corrupted mind players who are only thinking to take advantage of game's weakness and exploit it.


Hopefully, I will be proven wrong.

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