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My First Bakarma Kill after update. This is not so hard....

Xyalker - DN

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In which patch this fight was changed? I played since 2009, played until 4.0 and never ever I saw this fight changed. This is something new just for "classic"? 

Ok, back in 1.0 and onwards I killed Bakarma is all ways possible: on lava, on cave, on edge (so the adds fall into lava pit), with SM pet trick (this IMHO is an exploit), but I never seen the fight like this.

I'm not complaining that the fight was changed or if it's difficult (still some work hours ahead of trying) but what concerns me is what are they changing from the "classic" Aion to meet today's people.

If this is not Aion Classic, they should not advertise like it is, or even charge money for that.

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Why does NC give a reward to people who used an exploit? This boss is easy if everyone does their part. He didn't need nerf it might be the only thing in PVE with a bit of a challenge in PU.

The PVE level has turned negative on this game. idk how they'll do DP if they cannot do Bakarma.

And most of impatient "PVP" people take the easy trade AP solution.


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