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Alice in Poetaland (BIG IMAGE VERSION)

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Hi this is a series of poeta tour photos on my alice I didn't take much of screenshots but I hope you will like them :)


First arrived in poeta.


What ? It's dangerous to do that ? Is he going to hurt me ?


First resident of poeta I encounter!


Why you hitting that dummy ? Are u training ? If so I'm going to training too!


Take a photo with poeta famous lake I'll jump in the air and take a shot!


Big gate into the Daminu Forest.


Mushrooms of love! Legend said a couple suicided with eating poisonous mushrooms because their parents won't accept them so they reborn as mushrooms staying side by side.


Oh no it's a dead end you can't go in.


Local officer here,good job officer I salute you!


Pernos house I'm going to dinning with him tonight.

Thank you cya my next travel :)

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