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Wrong Event advertised in main page

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1 hour ago, Kibbelz said:

Oh thanks for pointing this our @Arhangelos! I will reach out to our web team and let them know :)

Legit question tho, how is web team not aware of things like this , dont they have to manage the website at least one time a week?...  i mean 3/4 of stuff not working correctly is damn obvious the moment you log in game or on website...

 nobody at NCWest give a nyerk anymore.

feel like this game could still be decent if it was managed properly , i never saw a company with such a lack of attention to their own product.. it's laughable.

i feel bad for you @Kibbelz must be hell to try to keep community in one piece when the upper management clearly act like they don't  even know Aion still exist.

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