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Ongoing DDoS Service Impact

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10 hours ago, Forthyn-KT said:

If it makes y'all calm down any, FF14 is getting DDoS'd too. This isn't just an NCWest issue, so just chillax. I'm sure we're all aware how big Square is, so if their game is getting affected, imagine the effort these culprits are up and about with. Don't indulge them so much with your negativity.

Not the first time FF14 has has been "ddos'd" severely, wont be the last. Wanna know why? Also wanna know what NCSoft has in common with Square and FF14?

"Level 3" and their horrible ISP services and ddos mitigation.

An example of this company's notorious incompetence, oh and btw, the likeliest cause of this latest crap fest:


There's a reason Level 3 is a name despised around gaming and the online world.

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I am going to give this a whirl, though I am afraid it will fall on deaf ears or be met with angsty potato-ness.

Calling another player a name or attacking them personally is not allowed on the forums and will get your message deleted with an infraction warning you not to do that. Avoid doing that and you can say express pretty much any opinion that you want to. You can read through the forums and find tons of posts criticizing NCSoft, NCWest, the Korean Devs and the staff in the US. (Some of them written by me!) As long as those criticisms remain above the waist, it's fine. So it would be fine to say, "NCWest needs to step up their communication because right now their silence on important issues is not acceptable." It is not alright to say, "Cyan is a big bag of pigeon droppings and I hope he gets a hang nail." It is alright to quote another player and say, "I think you are wrong here and this is why.." It is not alright to quote another player and say, "You are nothing more than a paid shill for NCSoft and you smell like rotten eggs!" Can you see the difference?

Forthyn's point is an interesting one as it points out that other games experience the same thing. That for whatever reason, game servers are targeted often by people that get their jollies DDoSing things and interrupting other people's happy-elf-fun-game time. His post doesn't take anything away from your criticism of NCWest's handling of the DDoS we just experienced. You are aware that it is fine for others to not agree with you, right? That doesn't make them bad people and it doesn't make them a plant by NCWest existing only to refute any negative posts about the company.

Someone in another thread posted a picture of a very exasperated man and asked if that was the look that Cyan gets on his face when he reads the forums. I have wondered the same thing. The DDoS made life miserable in game for all of us. Several nights my friends and I went and played a different game. Other nights we sat with a 20 min timer going and waited until just after an attack to pull a boss in an instance or ran off and hid while out PvPing anticipating the next lag spike. There isn't a single person playing Aion that was thrilled to have to deal with the DDoS. BUT. But you don't see them here beating a dead horse and attacking anyone who thinks that remaining calm instead of going full on potato might be a better route to getting some kind of compensation from NCWest for the trouble we just endured. 

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IMO, I am happy that we finally have am official answer to this situation. 

Of course that everyone wants a solution and if we get something in exchange for all the time with the issue, better. But The most important is to have an honest comunication with the comunity, break the silence and tell what is happening and that is what happened with this thread. Is not NCSoft fault. Is not players fault. we all want a nice game. 

About making modifications on the servers and using new technology to avoid situations like this one in the future, I do not know a thing about that. I do not know how much it cost, how much work it requires. Why some companies do not have modern ISP server technologies. And probably the people in NCSoft that decides things like those and know about that, wont read a single word from here. Fighting with Cyan about that wont change a thing. His work is to keep comunication with the players and take our opinions and he is doing that in this thread. 

And no, I´m not the kind of player that usually defend NCSoft and what they do. Actually I still do not know why I´m not banned yet from forums with some of the things I said before against NCSoft. 

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