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Shop and Daeva pass suggestions


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Firstly Daaeva Pass please make everything except the crowns sellable/tradeable most people activate premium there is nothing ground breaking on the list that we shouldnt be allowed to sell or give too Alts.

Quna Shop please consider adding the following

Merek Pet was probaly the best selling pet and would help players and isnt pay2win.

Gear passes again not game breaking but would help players either change to a different character without regrinding gear and also help people looking to buy items.

Experience Amulets i cant believe these havent already been added please add them.

Also one of the best items  from retail unbinding stones a great item for people to sell their old gear and help other players while also making a profit.

There is loads of stuff that wont cause the game to become pay2win like retail but offers some serious Qol changes for players.

Thanks for reading any other ideas please add them so ncsoft takes notice.

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i wouldn't necessarily call these great suggestions. exp amulets/gear passes in cash shop, really? i think with classic we are trying to run (as far as that's possible with current cash shop) from this not promote this but correct me if i'm wrong

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11 minutes ago, Pyromage-DN said:

One word: SKINS.

Eeeeasy money, and literally changes nothing gameplay wise.
 It baffles me why they wouldn't.  🤷‍♀️

just follow the path of GW2, skins, cosmetics, ease of use items for gathering etc.

4 minutes ago, FictionGirl-DN said:

No, you don't want it in Aion classic. Apparently others do. I won't buy anything from the BCM anyway

lol i see where you're getting at but i'd hardly say i am the only one but oh well8

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