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Can't log in on both classic and refly servers on the same account at the same time... Get system error (20) on either way,

  • if you log in refly first and try to log in classic you get system error on classic
  • if you log in ckassuc first and try to log in refly you get system error on refly
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1 hour ago, Sgt Sneak said:

Can you Dual Client one Retail account and one Classic account at the same time? I get an error message but I won't rule out user error.

Have you tried Sandboxie?

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3 hours ago, Forthyn - Asmodaes Pea-k said:

Same account? No. 

Different accounts? Yes.

After launching the first client and the game begins loading (you see the splash art), you need to close the launcher and sign in with the other account for the other client. 

You cannot play Retail and Classic on the same account, as it registers as a double-login and will force log. 

Ohhhh gotcha. That's dumb af, though!

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