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i'd like to remind you guys, korea had it better


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ncsoft west just doesnt give a nyerk about what they are doing about weekly content, they have already killed the game, 15% -20% server population daily on siel in the past few weeks, less than a half population they had before the second month live.


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The original event:
1: Talk to a shugo in Heiron/Beluslan to get quests
2: Kill Gojira - highest damage party/alliance gets loot. Boss CAN drop a godstone box or lv70-90 enchant stones
3: After Gojira dies, a shugo spawns nearby to complete the quest which gives: 1 recovery crystal, 10 greater courage or awakening scrolls, 20 greater running scrolls, and 1 Gojira treasure chest key. Also after completing it 3 times you get a special cake themed weapon skin.
4: After Gojira dies, locked treasure chests spawn all around heiron and beluslan for 20 minutes and can be looted using a Gojira chest key. These boxes contain a lv 50 manastone box (all white and green stones possible), a self res stone, 5 greater recovery potions, and 5 lunime/leopis cocktails, and CAN contain a godstone bag as well.

Our event:
1: Talk to a shugo in Eltnen/Morheim to get quets
2: Fail to kill Gojira because its hp is too high and it despawns
3: Kill Baby Gojira and get no quest credit unless you're the top DPS of the alliance that did the most damage
4: Go to the forums and complain
5: Stop participating in this event because Gojira always spawns during the same hour that Zapiel, Jeshuchi, and Vinsev spawn and it's not worth the headache

Pretty staggering differences.

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