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ez PvP Asmo Legion recruiting active pvpers 40-50 =D


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Hey all, nice to meet you if we don't already know eachother =D

I joined this game a month ago and I've almost finished my 30e armor and accs pvp set completely, I made this legion a few days into the game around lvl 20-30 so I could play with my best friends and enjoy the game more and gear up/level up with my squad/A-Team. We've grown crazy fast, in only 4 weeks we already got 45+ people with 5+ online anytime day or night and oftentimes 10-15+ at once during peak times. We already farmed almost 3am ap and are top 40 legion and we will be top 20 within a month or less at the pace we're going now. Not saying this to brag, as we are just getting started, just want to give a bit of background of who I am, what this legion is about, and where we going. 😃

My vision for the legion is I want to create the most active/fun/op pvp(ve) legion on the game where everyone is cool, good, geared, and helpful so we can all have fun together and help eachother get to max gear together/enjoy endgame pvp to its full extent as the game is meant to be played. I want us to be involved in taking forts, world bosses, rift pvp, endgame instances and just enjoying the game with each other having fun on discord and in legion chat. (

This is a drama free, bot free, hack/exploit free legion/space and it will remain that way, so keep that in mind before reaching out please ^-^)

We looking to win Dredge and make DP/Upper Fort/World Boss/Loot right Statics for 1.5 and dominate endgame content/pvp.  We all want to reach max pvp gear so we all farming hellaaaaaa ap daily (guards,reps,daily/weeklies,rifting) and if you ever need a partner or group to help speed up the process you'll have active and geared mates with discord you can play with 😃

Everybody is 40-50 with most if not all of their pvp accessories and more, we got 10+ 50s with most being endgame geared/decked out. We can beat DC/Adma no problem and I'd like to get static runs going soon so we can gear up legionmates who need it for cheaper/free depending on circumstance and lend a helping hand, as well as do loot right runs for kinah.

If you're tired of playing by urself/not having active/cool/kind legion/playing with bad lfg pugs or just wanna make some new friends and have fun pvping then feel free to reach out =D

 If you trying to get your pvp set and you need ap/love to pvp, then this legion is perfect for u 😃

Also, I'm shooting for governor after this week so I can get my 50e pvp sword, I want to lead the faction to victory and I'd like to get to know some of the asmo legion BG's out there so we can work together so if you're reading this and you'd be down to work together on world bosses, sieges, etc. Shoot me a msg in game or on discord #Smoked2751  and lets make things happen. If you like what I said here then feel free to connect w me. I want us to work together whether we in same legion or not so EVERYONE can enjoy the game for a long time😃

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A few things to try to help you out here.

- What server are you on?

- What is your IGN? (May not match forums.)

- This is a recruitment post, what is your Legion name?

- Is there a prime time zone in your legion? Specific times of high activity. (Draw in players who are online together.)

- Do you use any VOIP like Discord? And is it mandatory?

You gave a bio and brief history but haven’t shared any information to actually assist anyone in trying to join your force outside of a discord PM.


PS: Exploit free? That means you’ll always kill Painbinder’s pet right? ;D

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