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Players entering the other team`s spawn point

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We all got fun going to  enemys spawn and killing them again while they are rresurecting and i never give a shit about it,but since a friend show me a ss where its clearly stated that  we will be instanly killed if we go near guardian statue. I have  some doubt. We suposed to be instanly killed if go to enemys spawn? or this makes reference to tower  shoots? because we all know that a decent team can go in and  poop on those towers while killing the enemys who are rresurecting with out any problem. It could make reference to any special 1 shoot skill from tower or any kind of special shield in enemys spawn  just like the shield that appears in forts when siege time(if it suposed to be 1 of the  previous options then  is not workin) or is this  just a bad detailed info from NC?


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The towers are a deterrent to entering the enemy's spawn. Something to give someone pause before running headlong into certain death. Of course as players get more and more geared, the tower shots aren't a one shot any more.

I believe the devs added the tower to make killing players in their spawn less likely, but you are correct. If they wanted players to be instantly dead upon entering, they would have added a mechanism that does that rather than a tower that can be shield against, healed through, etc.

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