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Lower Forts Quests and AP system is broken.

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These lower forts need to change we have Legions who do not care about lower levels completing their campaign quests or having a fair chance at gaining Abyss gear by farming at least 1 lower fort.

Ncwest needs to make a change where at least once per month these Forts all Automatically reset to Balaur for a week days giving all players a chance to complete campaign quests and earn some Abyss point gear.

The siel elyos faction level 50s are selfish and do not wish for their medal kinah streams to dry up and refuse to sacrifice 1 fort for the good of the faction.Meanwhile they can freely farm uppers and core while everyone else cannot get geared.And the asmodians are laughing all the way because they have loads of forts to farm and will be in 50 gold long before elyos.

The whole fort system is broken and open for abuse with no doubt agreements in place between these legions to rotate medals.Apart from the Campaign quest this system can literally lock out players sub 50 from earning any AP.

Players at 50 whinge about no content and they are bored ,yet they intentionally do the same thing to lower levels by taking the 1 fort that lower  levels both need and would be able to farm for days and get some gear before 1.5 hits.

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Bruh, this game is 12 years old and we’re talking about NCsoft West here. They can’t even hit a button and get an event right. They aren’t changing anything like this. I understand the frustration but... c’mon, just remember who we’re dealing with here.

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I agree on the sulfur quest for the campaign.

Yes under 50 is the best way to get AP which that's NC fault at best. The core should of been a 50 only area even on retail but we would of had issues when it came to turning in crowns and so forth.

I wouldn't say ely 50s are selfish on siel. Plenty of asmos in that category as well. It's an ego thing. I'm better then you type mentality.  Never understood it, don't care to understand it either.

It's not an elitist thing. I know that all to well! Don't miss those days what so ever!

The agreements that are in place between both factions are plain pathetic! It's what divides your own factions and prevents your own faction from actually giving 2 cents. That right there is the ego / mentality / I'm or we're better than you. 

The 50s that are farming at lowers well that's just grieving. It's due to they can't hang in the big boy crowd so they go lowers and grief. Seriously 1 AP really worth that much time and effort camping the lowers for hours on end. Yes that's asmos and Ely's. Just let the 30-42s do there ap grind. We all understand for the dailys but the camping needs to end.

As for saying asmos will be in full 50s before Ely's will. Have you seen the amount of Ely groups at uppers/ lowers ? Yesterday alone kysis had 4 full 6 man, krotan had 3. Siel western had 3. I didn't make it to sulfur and more just had solos. Not sure on outer uppers.

The forts need to reset to balaur every siege. Make your faction earn that fort. No politics no judgement no nothing. Is it that hard to do? Or both factions gonna keep playing that political garbage. 


I have to play nice. Emo forum mods on my rear lately 😭😭😭

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4 minutes ago, Buttershotz said:


I have to play nice. Emo forum mods on my rear lately 😭😭😭

One of my friends got a 2 day ban on this forums a few weeks ago, for using a 4 letter word that starts with "c" and ends in "p", and used frequently in the English language.

She immediately deleted her entire NCsoft account, never to return after spending thousands of dollars over the years.

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