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Anniversary event feedback

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So it seems that this year for anniversary we only got 12 weeks event and dream world. I’m not considering kerub event because it is related to 8.0 patch and not the anniversary.

12 weeks event is very badly organized, people are not getting reward boxes and it is hard to remember what they correspond to because they come 2 weeks after the tasks.

Dream world event is probably the worst event I ever saw, the event coins can only be used to purchase consumables and the event zone is empty. To make it look even more sad, they barred the bridges that were leading to labyrinth and the other part of the dream world, and overall it looks very sad and not festive at all.

if they wanted to make the 12th anniversary reflect the game decline, it is perfectly accomplished. That must be the worst Aion anniversary I ever seen.

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54 minutes ago, Unbuff-DN said:

I just hope Halloween Event to be decent and to give items that WE ACTUALLY NEED AND ARE FROM THE CURRENT VERSION OF THE GAME, because Anniversary is doomed and retarded. 

I’m scared of this year’s halloween event, because last year it was awesome and I’m afraid this year it won’t be at the height if my expectations… don’t want to be disappointed again

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27 minutes ago, Arhangelos said:

If Halloween doesn't give legendary Halloween promotion then it will suck. All other boxes or rewards might as well be 2nd grade items just like 12-box event does.

Yes and it would be nice that halloween event includes objects related to 8.0 patch, like new gear, holy water, etc.

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23 minutes ago, Arhangelos said:

And it better be a sellectable transformation.

Ofc, otherwise it will make totally no sense because if we keep getting halloween transforms we already have, it will take by the year 2050 to complete the collection, since we only get those transforms once per year.

And as an excuse for the horrendous anniversary event, a selectable box with pc café mouse/kbd ranger.

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