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I am (an I suppose everyone) is getting 2 crowns as a login reward.  I don't exactly know where to turn them in, but I know its a pvp dangerous area.  My problem is that the crowns do NOT stack, so my inventory is filling up fast until I can get help turning them in.  I'm only level 31.

My request: make them  stackable!

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If you notice the regular ancient crowns do stack to 2, this is done on purpose as most AP items will stack to somewhere around 7-9.8k AP (notice the Major Ancient Crowns don't stack at all). This is done on purpose to ensure people don't horde too much AP to "hide" their rank. 

with regards to turning in the crowns in the core (the dangerous area), you will be pink to everybody and the vast majority of people will leave you alone (and that is even if other people are around which isn't a given).

But, if you really need the space and don't want to bother turning the crowns into the core, you can just turn them in at your main base (next to other 3 relic turn in NPCs). Although turning them in at the main base in abyss results in 25% less AP gain for goblets/crowns compared to the AP award turning them in at the core.

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18 minutes ago, Situation said:

Highly recommend holding on to them, you'll regret it if you turn them in now. Put them in your warehouse.

I agree, no point collecting the AP until you are ready to spend it for a couple of reasons.

Firstly if you are higher rank because of the AP, you get less AP reward per mob you farm

Secondly if you are higher rank because of the AP, you get targeted by the opposition, and loose more AP upon PvP death.


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