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hey kibbelz, exp extractors cost to much

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kibbelz is there anything you can do about  trying o get the price of exp extractors dropped down alot. i mean  if we need to start buying them by the hundredfold at 536k ea thats gonna translate into hundreds of millions of kinah and im sure theres alot of players out there that dont  have that kind of kinah on hand. i think if we are gonna have to start using them by the hundreds to buy wraps and other items they should be priced under 50k or something. but can u atleast see what u can do.

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4 hours ago, Lulzy-DN said:

You can get 300m per week easily. Especially with all the free stimulus gear and stigmas they gave everyone. 

also wraps are not required to get the new gear so I don’t see a price drop happening. 

Maybe it is easier in this patch to get kinah, however, you already have to farm XP to make an experience mark, why make us also farm kinah for this ? That is too complicated. The price of an XP extractor should be ten times less (50k kinah).

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