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Quests to complete before Fenris?

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A decade ago you had to complete the level 30 daevanion quest once: to receive one armor piece. I hope that it remained the same and that I do not have to level a bunch of new characters this time.

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1 hour ago, JackalBot-KT said:

Hey guys,


Just checking who knows the awnser to this. What quests do you need before you start the Fenris Quests? Do you need to complete 5 deava armour pieces and have a weapon before you start this quest?



The Requirements

To participate in the Daevanion Quests several prerequisites must be fulfilled. First, players must have reached max level and completed all the campaign quests. In addition, players must have completed all the level 30 Daevanion Quests and reached 449 crafting proficiency as a crafting master.

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41 minutes ago, Moredotsnow said:

Why are there no more answers to this question? Do you have to level 4 alts or not to start the quest? If yes, uninstalling right now. 

 You don't need alts. Just have all campaigns done and The one Daevanion quest from level 30 which is quick and easy to do.

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