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Proper announcement of Limited time sales!


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Hello, I had a huge rant ready to paste, but I should probably ask if the Omega sale was ever, Anywhere stated to the player base, I checked official site, Forums, Facebook, Twitter...Nothing anywhere that I saw even mentioned it. I get paid only every 2 weeks to 1 month, so I Could've spent a lot on these thus increasing Nc Profits, but again I Couldn't find mention of it happening and that was confusing as in the past when tempering solutions/ omegas went on the bcm for one week only, it was announced ahead of time. hoping this was an oversight that is important to ncsoft and they extend the sale for an additional week. My Suggestion is that this omega sale should be added to the bcm once more around Christmas/ Winter Solstice time because it was never officially or otherwise mentioned to the player base, thank you for reading!

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