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PvP Gearing for New Players?

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32 minutes ago, BeritraVice-BR said:

Oh, other important question.

Does 65 officer gear upgrade into spinel officer gear or do you have to grind out an R1 75 set and upgrade?

65 gear cannot be upgraded into spinel gear. You can start with the level 70 spinel set, upgrade to 75, and later upgrade to 80 when 5.8 comes out. Or just buy the 75 and later upgrade to 80.

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you MAY be out the set bonus, BUT the significant jump that 70 has, even base stast over 65 is noticeable, then you add in the +8 to +10 archdaeva stones... which do remain when you purify. the only downside I see after you get a 70 set is workign towards al lthe omegas and greater supples(no failed enchantments) you'll need along the way.



I could show you with the SM Beri if needs be. 

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On 8/23/2017 at 9:42 PM, BeritraVice-BR said:

Statwise if you have a full officer or R1 mythic set, would 70AP still outdo it in stats, or should I stick it out for 75AP for a more direct upgrade?


70AP >>>> 65 pvp gear. It's better because:

  • It's upgradeable into end-game 75ap gear.
  • It has better pvp defense (tiny number, but still matters).
  • Can socket archdaeva manastones into it.  (Only perk about officer/mythic r1 set is that you can socket ancient manastones into it, so if you have yours still, time to make a temporary msup/accuracy/strike resist/whatever set.) Just remember archdaeva manastones are better than blue composites stat-wise. 

Depending on your level, I'd say:

levels 66-70 : just make the 70 ap set, yes you would use more omegas to enchant to upgrade, but a difference of 5 omegas + supps isn't as expensive as running around in crappy 65 gear for 4 levels.

levels 70-73: Still can use your 70ap pieces temporarily, but upgrade to 75ap piece by piece.

It's much more worth, imo, to gradually upgrade 70ap pieces instead of running around in 65 gear for a bunch of levels and then getting 75ap. If you're going to aim straight for 75ap, at least get arena set before or something. Literally any new archdaeva pvp set is better than 65 officer/Mr1 gear for magic boost classes. 

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On 9/22/2017 at 9:15 AM, GenericUser1872 said:

dont bother getting lvl65 mythic abyss gear. it's impossible to enchant with basic affordable black enchantment stones

Is lv65 mythic abyss the BloodMark+BloodMedal? (newb at gameplay, will these be useful?)

My gunner (+15) two pistols and aethercannon using shinny black stones, at a few mil each try-try-again seems much better than omegas. Importantly they do not break.

I wonder if it's worth the omegas to enchant lv71 Labyrinth/Luna-Light, and put Unrelenting/Infinity underneath it for PvP +12% Magical Atk? (or is this wrong idea?)

btw is Silence or Paralalysis penetration better? (only with Godstone?)




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On 9/22/2017 at 1:15 AM, GenericUser1872 said:

dont bother getting lvl65 mythic abyss gear. it's impossible to enchant with basic affordable black enchantment stones


On 8/11/2017 at 3:54 AM, HealingSquid-KT said:

Ohh there is no edit function so sorry about double post. I also noticed when trying to enchant my IS gear from 10-15 it seemed next to impossible with the old stones +supps so maybe you need to use only omega which means their really is only new gear anything other then that is a waste of omega and sups.


On 8/11/2017 at 5:42 AM, Fest-DN said:


Squid is correct. With the new enchanting system making both Enchantment and Shining Enchantment stones effectively worthless. The only gear you should get is the set you intend to keep.

If you’re on a budget/low level you can start by picking up your full level 70 ap set if you don’t want to go all-in for the 75. Since getting to 70 is pretty easy you won’t have much/any level penalty on your gear and the stats are similar enough to the 75 to get by but if you ever want to upgrade it to the 75…you’ve got extra enchanting tagged on.

Ahh guyss, Shining Enchantment stones are AMAZING for enchanting non-archdaeva gears. Trust me....I enchanted my full dark lord set in like 5 min with less than 100 Shiny Enchantment Stones. You don't need an omega from 10+ onwards either, just Shiny Enchantment Stones awayy. I used less than 100 shiny enchantment stones to enchant the entire set easilyy. (Also yes throw all black enchantment stones, those are useless but never shiny enchantment stones)

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It takes about 6.3 regular stones to make a shining stone.

For attempt of combining 1000 enchantment stone dusts, there is a 5% chance that the combination result will be a shining stone.

For the rest of the 95% that are regular enchantment stones, keep on repeat aetherforging them back into dusts and recombine them. Repeat until you have very few regular stones remaining.


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