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Neither classic or live version is the answer


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At this point if anybody at NCsoft still sane enough. They should discarded whole system only keep Aion assets like skins, maps, animations ,mobs and redesign Aion from ground up.

Only thing they need to concern is "NO P2W" no matter how good system designed no matter how it planned or ultimate free stuff for everyone as long as you integrated P2W into the core of the game it will always fail. NCsoft needs to hit themselves in the head and treat most players better than whale fodders.

I believed nobody really care about classic or live what we really care is just fair game and no P2W. I don't have to see the future to know that all attempts in the future will fail as long as P2W still playing a huge role in Aion or whatever games.

You either stop P2W here or leaving PC gaming space forever and milk stupid whales in mobile space.
I don't need streamers or reviews to tell me if I should playing your games or not if your game is fun then I stay if not I leave.
One thing for sure I learn from a whale(at least attempt to be) they claimed that being a whale doesn't make them happy getting everything by buying give no value of fun or achievement. Godlike gears just there but have no value what so ever (think about infinity stones in Loki they just there useless and worthless)

Sometimes you need to look at that perspective too only found out being a whale is nothing but pathetic. I feel sorry for you no matter if you know it yourself or admit that you're not happy or not.

If you want something that give you truly happiness you need to do it yourself. That's why workout to lose the weight give people extreme satisfaction because it can't be brought it can't be given only way to get it is do it yourself with discipline.

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