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Aion Classic: Abyss fort changes


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Currently on our server we cannot win fights against dredgeions, siege upper forts, and barely take lowers. With 1.5 we got a patch including abyss changes that increased the HP of the dredgion commanders that drop from a dredgion when fort siege is up, increased gate hp, and aetheric field gen being changed to a super elite with dux like HP. Almost all these mobs have 300-400+ million hp which makes it impossible for us to kill as there are only about 50-100 players and not like Korea. We cannot take any uppers at the moment period as our DPS with this amount of players can't kill the dux forts so if a fort gets dredgioned we cannot take it back.

Is there any help we can get for reverting these hp changes on NA specifically or anything you can help with around this? Its making the game very unfun in the abyss as we cannot defend our forts nor take them.


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