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How about localizing the game and make it for NA not Korea

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Since we can't play in Korea, how about you guys make the game localized for the 2 dozen people playing?

- Drop of Boiling Balaur Blood Stains - basically inexistent;

- Balic mats - same;

- Increase bosses drop rates, going full DP runs with almost nothing. Where's the motivation?

- Make double exp permanent. We're not grinders. We've leveled, we've seen the quests and stories, let us level alts for runs when some class is missing;

- Dredgion at forts. I'm not even gonna explain the problem again. Everyone knows that. Except maybe NCSoft;

- Merge servers? If you're going to eventually, just do it already;

- Restore theobomos drop rates. Leveling from 43 to 50 is painful enough and there's just enough DC runs/clears a person can do before going crazy.

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I really wish the team would listen to this.

It’s not about wanting more or wanting things easier.

We literally have the world drop rates of a server with 10k players and 1000s of bots, our drop rate needs to be adjusted to reflect our numbers, like it was back in the day.

It’s the same reason white drops sell for 5x less than they did back in the day, it was meant for KR classic numbers/bot problems. We don’t have that.



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all they seem to care about is how much are the ap traders and cheaters spending, oh lots of money, only temporary ban for them, as long as they keep paying we only temporary ban


oh, want another way to solve bots, increase drop rate because there's no way in hell us actual players are gonna spend hours farming for your minimal drop rate on manastones, it's hilarious because we literally GIVE YOU everything you need to know what's wrong about the game AND EVEN TELL YOU how to solve it but you don't listen, you might as well just be a second job because we all know upper management is completely useless with meetings that go nowhere and infinite browsing on company time


you want our money, show us you deserve it and we'll gladly pay, until then this game is worse than working a janitor's job or slave labor in some underground basement off in a third world country, yeah i said it cause someone has to or else you guys will think you're running a great game when in fact you're running our once beloved game into oblivion and i'm only saying stuff like this because i am quite passionate about this game but to see how far gone its gone off the rails is so nyerkin sad

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I agree with this we need customized changes for na, white manas untradable are ok if the drop rate were like x8 times better than now i have killed mobs for hours and got only 1 crit manastone wtf and some random parry, we have only 500-1k active players? we can't have same treatment that korea  has

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Great suggestion, to be honest I thought that is what it would have been to begin with....




It is obvious the current NCWest team does not have the personnel with the correct technical knowledge / code access to be able to accommodate this. This is evidenced by the steel rake debacle and the horrendous timescale for dealing with a small proportion of the AP traders ( I don't think they got even half )


In order to properly localise, police and refine would require an increase of the team which I imagine is very small at the moment. Hence an increase in cost for NCWest, this in turn would mean less bonus money for the directors. Best to take what they can get for now and move onto different companies boards when this ddies




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Was here way back in the beginning and in no way is this, outside of the main template,  anything like the original AION.   Drop rates are literally rubbish and rarely give anything useful or sellable and besides, what is the deal all of a sudden with untradeable items anyway?   That was never a thing back then and yet there are so many things that are seriously wrong with this reboot.   Like the original poster said.    THIS IS NOT KOREA.   Maybe they love mindless grinding for next to nothing in return but we are not them.

Bring back the true Aion/Classic and not this shell.   Have they even noticed how empty its becoming?

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