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They haven't solved it yet because it doesn't bring money to the company, just look at the helloween event how it was solved quickly and the dedication to remove all the transformations from people. because they were losing money on it.

Sad but true.

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Same here did them all still missing rewards for last 2 weeks

they just should have given those rewards in the form of an event quest 

now they have to check manualy if some one did them and that

require some effort 

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forgot have i wanted to say
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I made a huge mistake. Of the 12 boxes I received (today 4) a total of 9. One did not correspond to me and the other two are sure I did it wrong. I can say that the NC team complied with me. Thanks NC.  Sorry for my error.

(If NC wishes to repeat this event I would not be angry)😀👍😁

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