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Game dead, you want to remove your users.


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As it is possible that a mistake in your Hallowen event, one made combinations and you get repeated transformations and they simply say that from those combinations you got a collection that you already maintained and openly they take it away because you want to. Being these collections since last year. More than 5 people in their ticket service are useless because they simply review the event and not what one as a player kept months ago. Senior GM Wraith, GM SAI, Senior GM Kairun, GM Haunn, GM Klyde, none of these do their job, they just check what they want and don't see what one writes to them more than 5 times. They just write, no longer write that your case has been reviewed and we will no longer answer you because you as a consumer are literal shit. For these reasons it is that users leave, due to their bad attention and their reviews that do not give it the proper importance because they do not feel like doing so.

First they remove my hallowen from last years and I write to them that it was a mistake and if they respond, excuse me but we screw something else. WHY CAN'T YOU LEAVE ME MY ACCOUNT AS IT WAS BEFORE YOUR DAMNED EVENT?

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