With serveral 500% crafting boost charms and a 200% crafting week-end, I leveled Aetherforging from 110 to 300. It took about 2 billion at the broker (Elyos-DN) and 3 days of non-stop crafting. It was the most painful three days of AFK I have ever sat through. We can Aetherforge the same recipe up to 40 levels. 20 is best.  210 -230: Upgraded Healing Potion needs way too many Ancient Crafting Stones; instead, run 190: Processed Medicus Reagent Paper up to 230. [This will raise Aetherforging 40 levels]. Skip Upgraded Healing Potion all together or maybe use it from 220/5 to 230 (just the last few levels). 250-270: Processed Kera Crystal needs way too many Spirit Stone of Eternity; instead, run 230: Pet-safe Roasted Meat Ingredient up to 270.  [This will raise Aetherforging 40 levels]. Skip Processed Kera Crystal all together or maybe use it from 220/5 to 270 (just the last few levels). Aetherforge 270: Processed scrolls for the last 30 Levels all the way up to max 300. I do not believe reaching 300 is possible without the crafting boost charms. (It would take a year and cost billions.) MayBlue
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